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They say that the eyes are the window to the soul – and at Complete Salon we can make your soul look gorgeous!  We have a range of products and treatments that can give you the celebrity look you have always dreamed of.  All of our staff are professionally trained to the highest levels, so you know that you are in safe hands.

Celebrity Eyebrows

We have a seven step process which is designed, tried and tested to give you the celebrity look.  If you have ever wanted to have the levels of high definition that you would see on the Hollywood red carpets then look no further – we can give you the perfect brows.

Eyelash Perming

This process will give your eyelashes a gorgeous, natural curl.  Add depth to your look by shaping your eyelashes.  This process also includes a tint to enhance the natural colour.


Eyelash Tint / Eyebrow Tint

Nature isn’t always perfect!  We can improve your natural looks with subtle tinting to help bring out the tones and beauty of your features.  Enhancing what you have naturally tinting Lashes and Brows can give you a fresh bright eyed youthful look.

Eyelash & Eyebrow Tint / Shape

By taking a complete approach to both the eyelashes and eyebrows, we can tint and shape them to give your eyes maximum impact.  You won’t believe what can be achieved, and you will love how your eyes look from the moment you see them!

Eyelash Extension Application & Removal

If you want to have longer, fuller looking eyelashes then extensions are for you.  Extensions are applied to the eyelashes, giving them a thicker, fuller effect – you can opt for shorter, more natural, or longer more dramatic look.  The extensions are perfectly comfortable to wear and do no harm to your natural eyelashes. The lashes can be applied in two ways – either by using a latex glue perfect for a one off party that can easily be removed at the end of the day, or using a stronger eyelash adhesive can be used to give you up to 14 days of fluttering. The decision is yours.

Strip Eyelash Application

We can also apply strip eyelashes for you, allowing you to get the most out of them.  We have a wide variety of lashes for you to choose from. Whether you want a subtle flutter or full on lashes, our highly skilled professionals will be able to apply them perfectly with no fuss.

Eyes Pricing

Service Price
Celebrity Eyebrows – Hollywood High Definition £25.00
Eyelash Perming (includes tint) £32.50
Eyelash Tint £12.00
Eyebrow Tint £8.00
Eyelash, Eyebrow Tint / Shape £19.50
Eyelash Extensions £15.50
Eyelash Extension Removal £9.00
Strip Eyelash Applied By Therapist (include lashes) £10.00


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