Curly Hair Service

Dear Client,

Thank you so much for looking at Complete to book your ‘Curly cut’ service. I wanted to write this information to let you know what to expect when you come to get your curl cut with us and how you can prepare for it.

Firstly if you could come in with your hair down, washed no less than 2 days before the service and if you could avoid any sticky products or heavy oils in your hair whilst wearing it as similiar to how you normally wear it, that would be greatly appreciated as it really helps with the cutting.

When you come in I will do a full consulation on what your hoping to acheive wtih your hair and what your knowledge is of curl styling, washing etc so that I can help you as much as possible. The next step is cutting or trimming your hair to shape the curl and once we’re both happy with how it’s starting to look, I’ll then take you up to the basin and wash your hair.

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I use my much loved Evo, vegan hair products and talk you through each step (there are 3 steps) followed by a 3 min head massage to allow the curl treatment to work. Once the washing is finished I will start to prepare your hair for drying. Finally once curls are prepped you’ll go under a heat machine for about 30mins and this will gently dry your curls. If hair is not completely dry at this point I sometimes finish off drying with a diffuser, if the hair can take it, then a final check and your good to go.

Although the service is a lot longer than a normal cut and blow dry, the good news is that it’s needed far less unless you want to change up your style.

Other curl service options are:

Curl dry – Your only requring a colour without a cut you can opt for a curl dry which is the 3 step washing process, hair prep then dryed with our heat machine or…

Curl prep – You don’t want your hair dryed so this would be the 3 step wash then the hair would be prepped than you would leave the salon with your hair wet.

These services are only available if you not having you hair cut as the curl drying in the cut service is important for maximum cutting results.