Frequently Asked Questions2022-05-05T10:07:45+01:00

Frequently Asked Questions

Is my deposit refundable?2021-09-29T10:07:58+01:00

If you cancel or re-schedule your booking 48 hours before you’re appointment, we will refund your deposit. If it is later than the 48 hours the deposit will be lost due to short notice and a difficulty to fill the appointment.

What if I’m getting colour done with my curl service?2021-09-29T10:07:31+01:00

Book your cut service first, (Geri will cut your curl first), then your chosen colour service. No need to book in a finish as this already included.

How long does the Nano-keratin smoothing service treatment take?2021-09-29T10:07:02+01:00

Our Nano service takes 4 hours, adding an additional 1.5 hours if you’re adding on colour.

Do I wash my hair before a Curl or Hair Up service?2021-09-29T10:06:34+01:00

Wash your hair the night before, avoiding too much conditioner. If you have fine and/or oily hair wash on the morning of your appointment and leave out conditioner completely.

How do I arrive for my Curly Cut?2021-09-29T10:06:07+01:00

Just arrive with your hair as you normally wear it, leaving out any gels and/or oils. Wear your hair down and wash it no later than 1-2 days before your appointment.

How do I organise a patch test?2021-09-29T18:28:18+01:00

No need for an appointment. Just pop into the salon no later than 48 hours before your colour appointment (it takes 5 minutes), we will make a note on your booking and if there’s no reaction, you are all set for your appointment.


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